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Contemporary Tear Bottles—MADE IN USA!

Item# 4085 Our hand-blown “Pink Ribbon Tear Bottle” is
Pink Ribbon a great addition to a comfort gift selection.
Tear Bottle Those Funeral Homes offering comfort gifts are
finding this tear bottle to be a popular choice.
Baby Blue A flame-worked glass tear bottle about 2 inches
(Item# 4078) tall. The bottle rim is hand painted in 24K gold
luster. The cap is a Rose Quartz cabochon with a
hand-carved cork stopper. This elegant bottle
base is pink glass with clear blown-glass beaded
“feet”. The international symbol for the fight
against breast cancer - the pink ribbon – is hand-
tied and beautifully accents the bottle.

Yellow - Item# 4092
*For those who
Baby Pink (#4061) have suffered a
support for our
military troops.
*Is a mourning
color in the
Spanish culture

Pictured above are three high-end individually hand-blown glass tear bottles
designed for a Mother’s Tears for her baby, but are often used as keepsake urns.

These Contemporary Tear Bottles have a swirl of colored glass (pink or blue or
Yellow) in the tear-drop shaped bottle with a hand-painted 24K gold luster rim.
The pink has a Rose Quartz stone cap, the blue has a Blue Lace Agate stone
cap and the Yellow has a Yellow Cat’s Eye cabochon cap.

All of our contemporary hand-made tear bottles also have a hand-carved cork
stopper to secure the cap, and many have a hand-painted 24K gold luster rim.
Comes with a pink, blue or white organza gift bag and a tear bottle story card.

A Profound Loss Grief Card will be included with each Baby Tear Bottle purchase
on request at no extra charge. Please Note: Variations in color, paint and shape
are characteristic of the bottles’ hand-made nature and are not to be considered

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