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The Contemporary Tear BottleTMLine



The Contemporary line features a high-end selection of individually,
hand-made tear bottles. Splashes or swirls of colored glass decorate the
bases. Hand-painted 24K gold luster adorns the neck of many bottles.
The Blue #4009 has a navy quartz cabochon cap. The Red #4023 and
the New! American #4177A both have a red quartz cabochon cap. The
Amethyst Tear Bottle cap is a sodalite cab topped with a tiny grade A
amethyst cabochon. The Blue/Teal Swirl #4160 has a blue abalone cap.
All caps in this style have hand-carved cork stoppers. Made in USA

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ITEM# Please Note: Variations in color, paint,
and shape are characteristic of the
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bottles’ hand-made nature and are not
to be considered defects.

Blue/Teal Swirl

To Order Call: 406-388-2900
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