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The Artisan Tear BottleTM Line


These tear bottles come in two styles. The “Classic” has nickel-
silver Forget-Me-Not flowers that wrap around the tear-drop
shaped cobalt blue bottle. And, the more expensive “Painted”
version is the same bottle but the
flowers are hand-painted with clear-blue enamel.

Forget-Me-Not flowers symbolize faithfulness and enduring love;
And are also commonly used to remember those that have died

as a symbol that a loved one may be gone but not forgotten.

←Left —is the “Classic”
Forget-Me-Not Tear BottleTM
(Item# 3040) featured on a
silver solid rim metal tray.

Hand-painted flowers

Both the “Classic” & ←“Painted” Forget-Me-Not
“Painted” Forget-Me-Not Tear BottleTM Item#3057
Tear Bottles include the
Optional Accessories:
gift card below: Mini-dome & mini-mirror
Card Cover: Bottom Left
Card Inside: Bottom Right

Top View of the
clear blue enamel
Flower on the cap
of the tear bottle.

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