Page 11 - WS 2021 Gen Funeral Catalog
P. 11
The Artisan Tear BottleTM Line

#3033 Includes: Tear Bottle Story Card,
Organza Gift Bag and Choice of
Gift Card: (1) Profound Loss Card
–see pg. 22— provides wonderful
imagery of seeing the angels carry
tears to heaven OR
(2) Angel Encouragement Card –see
here—reminds those in difficult
circumstances they are not alone.
Optional Displays: Mirrors, Trays,
Mini-domes are extra.

This tear bottle features the same Angel Gift
design on opposite sides of the tear- Card Text:
drop bottle. A serene face and a pair May the Love
of grand upward sweeping angel of your angel,
wings on both sides with the wing-
tips coming together near the top of INSIDE: softly
the bottle. The cap compliments the enfold you,
design of the bottle with its intricate gently uplift
pattern. Perfect as a sympathy gift you, comfort
(with a Profound Loss card), or a gift and hold you.
of encouragement (with the Angel
gift card.) #3026


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