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The Artisan Tear BottleTM Line
Circle Of Love Tear BottleTM

Item# 3002—The sculpture surrounding
this tear bottle is a celebration of the
bonds that strengthen us. This tear bottle
symbolizes the power of love that draws
together family and friends in good times
and bad and makes us stronger knowing
we are surrounded by Love. (Note: The
brushed pewter people figures form a
heart-shape as they hold hands around the tear bottle. An
enameled red heart adorns the cap.) Tear Bottle story card,
organza gift bag and Circle of Friends gift card below included
with purchase!

Circle of Friends Card Circle of Friends Card

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This tear bottle is the perfect “thank you gift” for those who
have been surrounded by the love and care of their family, friends,
neighbors, clergy, hospice workers, and medical care givers during
their difficult time of grief and loss. It represents, “thanks for your
care, assistance, prayers, love and friendship during this most
difficult time in my life. I’ll never forget it.”

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