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History & Tradition

T ear bottles by Timeless Traditions are unique gifts for special
occasions. They are small, decorative bottles steeped in an ancient
mourning tradition. As delicate as a teardrop itself, a tear bottle is a
tradition of shared emotions and transformed relationships. Tear
bottles can be used for real tears but are more often given as symbolic gifts to
express shared feelings of love, sorrow, joy, forgiveness, and remembrance.

The tear bottle tradition has endured for nearly 3,000
years. During ancient Roman times, mourners captured
their tears and buried them with loved ones to show
affection and respect. Tear bottles may have taken
inspiration from the Bible. In the Old Testament
Psalm 56:8 (KJV), David prays to God, “Thou tellest
my wanderings, put Thou my tears in Thy bottle; are
they not in Thy book?” David’s words remind us that
God keeps a record of human pain and suffering and
always remembers our sorrows.

Tear bottles reappeared during the 19th-century Victorian Era, when mourners
collected their tears in long cylindrical vials or small bottles decorated with silver
and pewter. Bereavement would end when the tears had evaporated, but the

Tbottle remained as a token of eternal devotion.
oday, tear bottles are used to express many sentiments. They can
represent tears of joy at a memory, hold tears of heartache upon the
loss of a loved one, or keep ashes, a lock of hair, dried flowers, earth
from a special place or some other memento of your loved one.

As a symbol of shared emotion, tear bottles are frequently given as gifts to honor
and cherish another person. Many funeral directors report tear bottles are
becoming a signature bereavement gift, because they are everlasting like the love
they represent and help the family feel that their tears are understood and that
their loved one’s memory will be cherished forever.

Timeless Traditions is pleased to offer their own unique tear bottles — all are
approximately 2” high. Our Victorian, Roma and Artisan lines feature intricate
American lead-free metal filigree designs and our Contemporary flame-worked
Made in USA glass tear bottles are simply pure glass. We are proud to be the

PlPeaaaggdeein22g supplier of tear bottles in the USA. To Order Call: 406-388-2900
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