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(For ashes & other keepsakes – such as a lock of hair, dried flowers, or a prayer)


Angel New! Teardrop Fish Plain Cross
Bottom Screw Opening with mini-hearts #9264 #9318


The Butterfly symbolizes the
story of transformation ~ as
the caterpillar transforms from
its cocoon to beautiful
Butterfly, so do we transform
from our life here on earth, to
life here after.

New! Antique Butterfly #9301 ←Bullet
Cross #9349 Stainless

Steel with

← 1⅞”x 2¾”H Chain.

Mini-dome with

Walnut Wood Base Due to high customer demand, we are
& Brass Hook for adding Stainless Steel Ash Holder
displaying Keepsake jewelry to our offerings. The first is
Pendants—#6928 the Bullet shown above.

These pendants are used to hold keepsakes – such as ashes, a lock of
hair, dried flowers, earth from a special place, or a prayer, making them
ideal for families whether they choose cremation or burial.

Please Note: All Cross pendants, Tear of Love & the Cylinder open

with a screw at the top chain loop. The Angel and Teardrop #9356 ash

holder pendants open at the bottom of the pendants with a screw opening.

The Hearts, Butterfly & Infinite Love pendants open with an allen screw as
shown at left.

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