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Trays—Metal & Mirror

Gold Pewter Silver

Brass Copper

Made With American Metal Trays—Made in the USA
Lead-Free Metals
Item #’s: 6003Brass Filigree Rim
Metal Trays #6010 Copper Filigree Rim

#6027 Pewter Filigree Rim/#6072 Pewter Solid Rim
#6034 Gold Filigree Rim/#6089 Gold Solid Rim
#6041 Silver Filigree Rim /#6096 Silver Solid Rim

We offer a line of original trays to accompany our tear bottle lines. Metal trays (2”

in diameter) are available in antique Brass & Copper (filigree rim only), Pewter,

Gold, and Silver (in both filigree & solid rim). Both tray styles match the filigree

design of flowers and leaves featured in our Victorian tear bottle design (pictured

upper left). The solid-rim metal trays create a beautiful look with the Roma, Angel

and Forget-Me-Not tear bottles too (see page 5, 11 & 12)!

Mirror Trays:
TOP—Item# 7024—1½” mini-mirror—fits inside mini-domes
MIDDLE—Item# 7000—2” beveled mirror inscribed with Psalm 56:8
BOTTOM—Item# 7017—2” beveled mirror—Plain OR can be custom engraved

Mirror Trays Mirror Trays
reflect the
We are also pleased to offer Mirror
color & beauty trays that enhance the presence of
of the tear our tear bottles. The mirror trays are
bottles especially suited to beautifully re-
flect the colors in the Contemporary
hand-blown tear bottles. The trays
feature a beveled edge. They can be
purchased plain (with no inscrip-
tion) or with the phrase "Psalm
56:8" or with a custom engraving.

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