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Displaying your tear bottle selection in an attractive and secure manner is
essential to high sales volume. We offer the following display case options to
display and secure your tear bottle inventory.

Mini-Dome Display

3½”H x 1⅞W

Item# 6867

Item# 6775 Option 2 Plexiglass

Glass Showcase w/ full Item# 6768
mirrored back. Lockable!
This Plexiglass case can display all
14”H X 8”W X 8”D. tear bottles, trays and jewelry we

2 shelf/3 space. sell in one secure location.
Space between shelves: 4”.
Opens in Back
Dimensions: 18”H x 9”W x 9”D. Short

2 shelf/3 space. Space between Mini-Dome Display

shelves: 6”.

* For other display risers, please visit our website. We also offer a
small variety of
display risers for
your presentation
of our products.
Far left is the oval
mirror riser, center
is the 2-step riser
and back is the
Plexiglass riser
which comes in a
set of 3 (tiered)..

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