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Why a Tear Bottle from Timeless Traditions?

A death, a loss, a funeral and grief. These are the times
when it can be so difficult to find the words to express the heart’s
compassion. Our heirloom quality tear bottle keepsakes can be
the everlasting memorial to honor the love, the loss, the relation-
ship and your compassion. Our tear bottles are a reminder that,
in the midst of it all, the grieving are not alone, and that their
tears are understood.

Genuine feelings should be represented by a genuine tear
bottle. Our tear bottles are original concepts, creations, and
designs specifically created to honor & cherish special relation-
ships, deep feelings or shared emotions. At Timeless Traditions
we have been creating our tear bottles for over 20 years, and use
only premium quality materials and craftsmanship for the
production of our tear bottles. The premium quality “teardrop-
shaped" glass bottles are uniquely encased with American lead-
free metalwork and finished in gold plate, nickel silver, pewter,
antique copper, and brass and they are all assembled in the
U.S.A. The flame-worked, contemporary designs are made by
our glassblower in Montana. So, if you care enough to give the
best, give a Timeless Traditions tear bottle. Don’t settle for a
knock off — an Egyptian perfume bottle, an essential oil bottle, or
a leaded decorative bottle that may be less expensive, but
ultimately is a poor value as an over-priced pretender originally
created for some other purpose less worthy than our historically
inspired tear bottles to convey your feelings, your support and
your memories; And perhaps are made of materials that do not
follow U.S.— E.P.A. guidelines, so may not be environmentally friendly.

The signature tear-drop shape of our keepsakes symbolically
ties them to the occasion of loss but (unlike the typical urn shaped
keepsake) makes them uniquely adaptable for a variety of uses,
including memorial gifts. So a family can affordably satisfy a variety

of needs for unique remembrances.

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