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Tear Bottles are commonly used not just for their
historical intended use (mourning tears), but also as keepsake
vessels for cremains and other petite memorial items such as a
lock of hair, grains from the family farm, flower petals from the
funeral service or gravesite, or earth from a special place (such as
a favorite beach, park, cabin or family home). As vessels for
such a variety of keepsakes, they become appropriate for all
kinds of mementos. If it’s an occasion for tears or flowers, it’s
an occasion for tear bottles, a lasting memorial. And especially
for those who are from out of town, families who are in grief,
under stress and with time constraints, who don’t have the time
or desire to shop as they make funeral arrangements…. tear
bottles are also often suggested as heirloom thank you gifts for
hospice helpers, neighbors, clergy and family who helped the
family during their difficult time of loss, or as “mementos” for
those who attended the services from far away. And their petite
size makes them appropriate for home display.

People connect on an emotional level with the meaning-
ful 3,000-year-old tear bottle history and mourning tradition.
One woman bought 9 tear bottles, one for each of her daughters
and granddaughters – in remembrance of their father and grand-
father—she made the connection.

Many insurance policies (in particular those containing
"death benefits") may also cover the purchase of memorial keep-
sakes such as Ash Pendants and tear bottles/keepsake urns as
part of the Cremation Costs. Coverage varies from policy to
policy, but will become even more prevalent with the explosion
in Cremations. Don’t forget to investigate the possibilities.

Tear Bottles are often purchased for family that may
not be able to attend a funeral (they are easy to ship) or to put
away as a future keepsake for a child who has lost a close loved
one. As delicate as a teardrop itself, a tear bottle is a signature
bereavement gift, because they are everlasting like the love they
represent, like memories of a loved one, to be cherished forever.

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