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Benefits of Carrying the

Tear Bottle Gift Line

Our tear bottles & jewelry keepsakes are used for ashes, AND for various other
mementos such as a lock of hair, dried flowers, earth from a special place,
grains from the family farm, a prayer, etc. By carrying Timeless Traditions’
tear bottles and other keepsakes, many funeral homes have been able to increase
their offerings to families whether they choose cremation or burial. Offering

keepsakes to families helps them meet an important emotional need — the
ability to express themselves and to honor, cherish and reminisce about those
they love with an heirloom quality remembrance. Our tear bottles & keepsake

jewelry offer a loving and symbolic way to remember a loved one.
Our tear bottles are made with lead-free glass & metals.

Funeral Homes are able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace because
of our product’s uniqueness and quality. The diversity of other uses for the tear
bottles (as keepsake or portion urns, memory keepers, prayer vessels, thank you

gifts for clergy, hospice workers, neighbors, family, friends, etc.) and their
reasonable retail price points translate into increased opportunities to serve a
variety of customers and help your businesses succeed. And their petite size
makes them so easy to display and ship. Just think — you can serve a variety of
customers, and their various needs—all this in just one square foot of counter

space devoted to tear bottles. Please contact us with any questions
or to place an order!

Pictured: Gold-banded Roma, Amethyst Contemporary & Silver Victorian Tear Bottles
atop an Oval Mirror Riser (Item# 6829)

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