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Nickel-silver Hearts & Paw-Prints
surround a cobalt blue teardrop bottle.
Featured at left on mini-mirror in Tall
mini-dome. Holds keepsakes such as
tears, pet hair or cremains, earth from a
special place, etc. Comes with Gift Bag
& Gift Card seen below.

Paw Print Heart
Keepsake Bottle

Optional Display above:
#7024 Mini-Mirror &

#6867 Mini-dome

Gift Card Inside Reads: Gift Card Included

May this Keepsake Bottle remind You of the Item#
companion that was far more than a pet. May it 4306
remind you of the family member, friend, and
loving soul you’ll never forget.

A great companion constant, loyal and true, the
bottle shows the paw–prints your beloved pet
left on you.

The bottle will hold keepsakes, such as tears

shed for your loss, pet hair, ashes, earth from a

special place you shared, dried flowers, or some

other petite remembrance of your cherished

companion. Page 26
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