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Customer Spotlight: Schnider Funeral Home, Great Falls, MT

Keepsake Cabinet
in the Lobby of the
Schnider Funeral Home.

The following testimonial
from Steve Schnider came
from a phone conversation
with Steve after a review of
our records revealed how
successful he was with our
products, and we called to
ask him why he felt he’s had
such long-standing success
with our product lines.

“The tear bottle product line has been good for us, and has become a
main part of our business. With cremation rates continuing to increase
within the funeral industry, the tear bottles and cremation jewelry from
Timeless is a way to serve our customers that serve our customers
whether they choose cremation or burial. These keepsakes are
versatile in use and affordable for a broad range of our customers.
Multiple purchases per family are the norm. The tear bottles are very
personal and meaningful keepsake line that also has appeal to many of
our customers because it’s important to them that they are Made in the
U.S.A.. We also feel that part of our success with sales of these keep-
sake products is the display cabinet in the lobby of our facility. Having
a display in the lobby allows customers to think about a purchase in a
casual way, while waiting for a service planning appointment, at a
service reception or long after the service is over….when coming back
to the lobby for a keepsake is far less daunting than returning to our
resource display room for a keepsake they wish they’d have purchased
while planning the funeral service.”

Steve Schnider, Schnider Funeral Home, Great Falls, MT

MFDA Past President (2005)

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