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Passion of the Christ Tear Bottle

The Passion of The Christ™ Tear Bottle
A Gift of Encouragement, Comfort, and Hope

A special Passion product from Timeless Traditions, Inc.™ and Inscript®

Many movie-goers were profoundly affected by Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of The Christ. Millions were moved to tears as they watched the film’s depiction of sacrifice – the sacrifice Christ made for us, that we might be forgiven and saved. 


Timeless Traditions, Inc. and Inscript have combined their artistry and technology along with their enthusiasm for bringing Christ’s timeless message to others by creating a new gift product that is profoundly spiritual, completely unique, and of heirloom quality - The Passion of The Christ Tear Bottle.

The Passion of The Christ Title Artwork © 2004 Icon Distribution Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

Because there is no greater story of love and sacrifice that that of Jesus Christ, The Passion of The Christ Tear Bottle serves as a touching reminder of God's grace and infinite love. This tear bottle design features the Enduring Word™ Tablet from Inscript - a miniature crystal tablet inscribed with the entire text of the King James New Testament (over 180,000 words!) - embraced by a golden crown of thorns. The golden thorns represent Christ as a pure sacrifice. A ruby Swarovski® crystal crowns the cap to signify the blood Christ shed for us. Christ's great promise for the future is represented by the story of his life, as written on the tablet.





The Enduring Word™ Tablet
© 2004 Inscript®. All Rights Reserved.

In the photographs to the right, you can see the tablet under increasing degrees of magnification. The Greek letters Alpha and Omega shimmer over the New Testament to remind us that indeed Christ is "the beginning and the end, the first and the last” (Revelation 22:13). The inscription is so exquisitely fine that ten lines of text can comfortably fit within the thickness of a single strand of human hair. The tablet has been certified by Guinness World Records™ as the smallest bible in the world.

We encourage retail outlets that are interested in carrying this high-quality, collector's item to contact us at (406) 388-2900 to place an order. The Passion of The Christ Tear Bottle is available in both antiqued and shiny gold finishes. This new tear bottle offering is packaged with an organza gift bag and a special tear bottle story card. It is also accompanied by a miniature story card describing the Enduring Word Tablet.

Item # PB-01 Shiny Gold Finish
Item # PB-02 Antiqued Gold Finish

Photographs of The Enduring Word™ Tablet © 2004 Inscript®. All rights reserved.

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