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The Passion of the Christ™ Tear Bottle


Commemorative Tear Bottle

This limited edition commemorative tear bottle was commissioned in memory of the events of September 11, 2001. Each bottle is individually hand-blown with splashes of blue and red in clear glass. A 24K gold luster surrounds the rim and cap and a white mother-of-pearl corundum cabochon crowns the cap. This artistic American made glass tear bottle stands about 2 inches tall (size will vary). Stopper made of natural cork. Each bottle is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Few remain.

Clear Contemporary Tear Bottle™

Brass and Copper Solid Rim Trays

Pictured with currently available Gold, Pewter and Silver solid trays


Patriot Tear Bottle

Our Red, White and Blue tear bottle is designed with Patriots in mind: for rememberance or offerring of thanks to those who have served: in the military, in government, as first responders, etc. Hand-blown blue glass with Red and White strips. A red quartz cabochon forms the cap with a hand-carved cork stopper attached. Approximately 2" in height. “Made in the USA".

The Verdigris Keepsake Urn™

The most popular funeral keepsake urn in the hand-made Contemporary line. This design is slightly more slender than the others and has a shape that is very similar to some of the tear bottles of ancient days. The beautiful green colored glass is melded with a reddish-brown glass at its base. The cap is a Burnt Red Tiger Eye cabochon stone with a hand-carved cork stopper. This artistic American made glass tear bottle stands about 2 inches tall (size will vary). Stopper made of natural cork. About 2 inches tall (exact measurements will very).

Silver Basket Roma Tear Bottle™

This elegant Tear Bottle features a beautiful cobalt glass bottle cradled at its base by a basket of antiqued nickel-silver plate filigree. Height: about 2 inches tall. Genuine Austrian Swarovski® blue crystal stone in the cap. Original Timeless Traditions logo stamped on the bottom. Lead free metal decoration designed and manufactured in USA.








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