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Thank you for your interest in the Timeless Traditions’ Tear Bottle gift line and our other gifts of the soul.

We are the leading wholesale supplier of historically-inspired tear bottles. These small exquisite glass bottles are used to symbolize deep emotion and are a unique and personal gift choice for many meaningful occasions.Tear bottles are used to express many sentiments. They can represent tears of joy at a memory, hold tears of heartache upon the loss of a loved one, or keep ashes, a lock of hair, dried flowers, earth from a special place or some other memento of your loved one. All of our tear bottles are made in the USA with lead-free metal decorations.

We also represent high-quality jewelry lines that are hard-to-find, express feelings of the heart and are well priced for today’s discriminating buyer. Check out our beautiful keepsake jewlery line designed to hold a remembrance of your loved one close at heart.

Please explore our site to learn more about the fascinating tear bottle traditions and to preview our beautiful line of bottles.

Since 2001, funeral homes, crematories and retailers have come to Timeless Traditions for unique and memorable heirloom-quality keepsakes that will help them build customer loyalty by providing customers with a distinctive gift choice that honors relationships in a powerful way.

“The tear bottle product line has been good for us, and has become a main part of our business. With cremation rates continuing to increase within the funeral industry, the tear bottles and cremation jewelry from Timeless Traditions are a way to increase our bottom line. These keepsakes are versatile in use and affordable for a broad range of our customers. Multiple purchases per family are the norm. The tear bottles are very personal and meaningful keepsake line that also has appeal to many of our customers because it’s important to them that they are Made in the U.S.A..
Steve Schnider, Schnider Funeral Home, Great Falls, MT
MFDA Past President (2005)
Timeless Traditions, Inc. customer since 2004

Our Tear Bottles and various other products are Made in the U.S.A.

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