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Mini-dome Item # 6874 with #2043


Mini-domes from Timeless Traditions come in three sizes, and two finishes.  The smallest mini-dome measures 1 7/8”D X 2 3/4”H (Item # 6874) and is featured here with a Blue/Silver Victorian Tear Bottle inside.  The glass dome sits on a walnut wood base, beautifully displaying the tear bottle and keeping it dust free.  This smaller size is recommended for the Victorian, Roma and Artisan Tear Bottles.  This small dome is also available with a gold-tone top hook and walnut finish wood knob for displaying Keepsake Jewelry.

Item # 6867 mini-dome is recommended for the taller Contemporary hand-blown tear bottles. 

The largest of the three mini-domes has a satin pewter base and top hook for displaying Keepsake Jewelry Item # 6911.  This mini-dome measures 3”D x 4”H.


#6027 Pewter Filigree / #6072 Pewter Solid

#6034 Gold Filigree / #6089 Gold Solid

#6041 Silver Filigree / #6096 Silver Solid



Metal Trays 

We offer a line of original trays to accompany our tear bottle lines. Metal trays (2” in diameter) are available in antique Pewter, Gold, and Silver. You may select a filigree and/or a solid rim, both of which match the filigree design of flowers and leaves featured in our Victorian tear bottle design.
The solid-rim metal trays create a beautiful look with the Roma tear bottles too!

The Brass and Copper Trays are available in the filigree rim style only.  Gold, Silver and Pewter Trays are available in both solid and filigree rims. The 2” metal tear bottle trays do not fit inside the mini-domes.



Round Mirrors Items # 7000 and # 7017 

Beveled Mirror Trays

  We are also pleased to offer a Mirror tray that enhances the presence of our tear bottles. The mirror trays are especially suited to beautifully reflect the colors in the Contemporary hand-blown tear bottles.  The trays feature a beveled edge.  They can be purchased plain (with no inscription) or with the phrase "Psalm 56:8" etched from the underside to show through the mirror's top. Diameter: 2 inches.

Small Bevelled Mirror Trays:  Measuring 1½” in diameter, these little mirrors fit right inside the mini-domes to reflect the beauty of the tear bottles.

The mirror trays can also be special ordered with a custom engraving, such as a name and date.  Call for quote and delivery time.

Display Cases

Displaying your tear bottle selection in an attractive and secure manner is essential to high sales rates. We offer several display case options that might be of interest to store owners. They make a nice presentation for 12-20 tear bottles.

Pictured from Left to Right:

MirrorRiser iTEM # 6829

Star Trek RISER iTEM # 6836

Three Riser Set Item # 6843 

Assorted Risers

We offer a small variety of display risers for your store presentation of our products. Picture at the left is our 5"x7" oval riser with a mirrored top. Shown at the center is a small, 2-stp riser which is perfect to highlight just a couple of tear bottles. Pictured at the far right is a narrow Plexiglas riser, which comes in a set of three (of different heights).

Tears To Treasure

Item # 8052


Paperback Book

“Tears To Treasure – Amy’s Journey”

Paperback Book. is a romantic story about Amy. The story follows Amy through all of life’s joyful passages, from falling in love, to marriage, to motherhood, and then has her dealing with the pain and heartbreak that inevitably comes in life. The story will tug at your heart strings. Shedding many tears of joy and sorrow along the way, Amy receives the mysterious gift of a tear bottle during the most poignant times in her life-- but from whom? Over time Amy learns, the true meaning behind them and who sent them to her. This is a story about real life and the value of living it to the fullest. This heartwarming read makes a great cross-sell with the tear bottles and will give your customers lots of ideas about how to share tear bottles and the emotions behind them. This delightful book will also inspire ideas for the reader to create their own traditions for giving this signature gift. Authors WEB site: www.VickieSuchy.com

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