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From Timeless Traditions come in three sizes, and two finishes.  The smallest mini-dome measures 1 7/8”D X 2 3/4”H (Item #6874) and is featured here with a Blue/Silver Victorian Tear Bottle inside.  The glass dome sits on a walnut wood base, beautifully displaying the tear bottle and keeping it dust free.  This smaller size is recommended for the Victorian, Roma and Artisan Tear Bottles.  This small dome is also available with a gold-tone top hook and walnut finish wood knob for displaying Keepsake Jewelry.

The bottom-right mini-dome featured here measures 1 7/8"D X 3 1/2”H (Item# 6867) and is recommended for the taller Contemporary hand-blown tear bottles. 

The largest of the three, the mini-dome on the right has a satin pewter base and top hook for displaying Keepsake Jewelry.  This mini-dome measures 3”D x 4”H. (Item# 6911)

Small with Walnut Base Item # 6874

Small with Walnut Base and Brass Hook Item # 6928

Satin Base with Hook Item # 6911

Tall with Walnut Base Item # 6867




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