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Circle Of Love Tear Bottle

Product Description:

People figures in brushed pewter form a heart-shape as they hold hands around the clear glass teardrop-shaped bottle.  An enameled red heart adorns the matching brushed pewter cap.  About 2” Tall.  A Circle of Friends Legend gift card, tear bottle story card and silver organza gift bag are included.  Timeless Traditions logo on the bottom.  MADE IN THE U.S.A.   

This sculpture surrounding the tear bottle is a celebration of the bonds that strengthen us.  This tear bottle symbolizes the power of love that draws together family and friends in good times and bad and makes us stronger knowing we are surrounded by Love.

Scripture Inspiration:  Ecclesiastes 4:10-12:  When one falls during a difficult time, another provides comfort and support.
Legend of “The Circle Of Friends” - "Since the beginning of time, friendship has been the most important relation that humans have experienced. Ancient cultures used to gather around in a circle to celebrate peace and friendship and to share their hearts. The legend tells that if you give a circle of friends to a person you care for, your bonds of friendship will endure forever."

This tear bottle is a touching way to show someone that they are not alone in their tears!

Circle of Love Tear Bottle

with Gift Cards and Organza Bag

Item # 3002

Circle of Love Tear Bottle

with Mini Dome

Item # 3002 with # 6874


Circle of Love Tear Bottle

with Mirror

Item # 3002 with # 7017

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